About Us

Camelot was the magical place where King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table lived, and Carmelot is a great place to get advice on buying wheels, tyres and other automotive accessories. Regardless of whether you drive a 4×4, ute or small passenger car, you can learn how to choose the right accessories for your vehicle.

Visit www.carmelot.com.au to learn how to care for your wheels and tyres once they are installed, and to learn how to buy wheels and tyres online without getting ripped off. 4×4 drivers will find this site especially useful, as it has tips on selecting the right setup. Finally, you can learn how to find the right service to lower your car to get that exotic, sporty look.

The car scene in Australia is growing every day, and Carmelot is there to stay on top of the latest trends. With help from us, you can give your car or 4WD the look you want and you can pick up some valuable information on the way. See you on the road!