Should You Buy Wheels and Tyres Online?

Many people think that buying wheels and tyres online and getting them shipped is time-consuming and inconvenient—so they continue buying from chain stores and local shops. However, thanks to simple and functional websites, consumers can input some basic vehicle information and quickly find a selection of tyres and wheel packages to fit their vehicle.

Tyre Packages

Benefits of Buying Wheels and Tyres Online

Finding and buying tyres and wheels online offers these advantages over the conventional purchase experience.

  • Tyre prices are often lower, especially compared to dealership costs
  • Customer reviews can help first-time buyers make the right decision
  • Buyers can avoid sales staff’s aggressive tactics
  • Online sellers often perform independent testing of tyres
  • Customers can buy rare or specialty tyres

Drawbacks of Buying Wheels and Tyre Packages Online

Despite its ease, convenience and fast service, purchasing wheels and tyres online does come with a few pitfalls. Consider these factors before buying:

  • You’ll need time to plan; the purchase could take days.
  • You won’t be able to inspect the tyres or wheels before buying.
  • You’ll need to choose a local installer.
  • You won’t be able to consult an expert.
  • If you’re getting tyres and wheels shipped overnight, costs can be very high.

Getting a Good Deal

The purchase process begins with determining what type of wheels and tyres you need. There are hundreds of brands available, and choices can be overwhelming for first-time buyers. If you can’t decipher coded info on size or load and speed ratings, an online tyre seller can help. Simply provide some basic information on your vehicle, or on aftermarket wheels if you have them, and the seller will take care of the rest.

In brick-and-mortar stores, prices quoted are typically per tire. When buying online, however, the cost will be added up for you. Remember that while you’ll pay more for shipping, you’re not likely to pay much in taxes unless they’re coming from overseas. Get an accurate comparison by considering factors like:

  • Tyre and shipping costs
  • Savings on taxes
  • Installation cost

Mounting and Balancing

In addition to the cost of the tyres and wheels, you’ll have to pay for balancing and mounting. You can have your tyres and wheel packages shipped directly to the installer’s shop, and bring the vehicle there to complete the job. You’ll pay for valve stems, balancing, nudge bar and mounting, as well as a disposal fee for your old tyres. Fees can be $20 or more per tyre, depending on type and size.

Give Online Wheel and Tyre Buying a Try

Buying wheels and tyres online can result in substantial savings, and you’ll avoid costly extras that many chain stores push on their customers. Give online tyre buying a try next time you need a new set. Like many other buyers, you may end up so satisfied that you’ll never buy from a dealer again.